Forever 21

A few days ago, I accompanied my daughter on a little shopping trip. One of the stores that she wanted to go to was Forever 21. As she was walking around looking at clothing and hair accessories, I began to do a little wandering around the store and some thinking too. My thoughts turned to the name of the store, Forever 21. Why would someone want to be 21 forever? It seems in our country that 21 is an important age. For one thing, you can legally drink liquor. (not that that was a milestone I was looking forward to – I’ve never been a drinker.) 21 is a youthful age. You are not a kid anymore, but an adult. Most ladies at this age look pretty good and physically speaking, probably feel pretty good too. I can look back and think of the energy I had at that age. I sure don’t have it now! There is a sense too of having your whole life before you, which can be an exciting thing. But to be 21 forever? When I turned 21, I hadn’t even been married a year. I was in good shape, looking forward to the future and felt like I had a good head on my shoulders. However, there are so many things I would miss out on by staying this age forever. I would never know the joys and struggles of having children, the grace of God to make it through life’s trials, new friendships and relationships and hopefully wisdom gained through my mistakes and experiences. Now, I am 46. Would I want to stay this age forever? Not really. Although I can look back and see how I’ve grown mentally, spiritually and physically(that unfortunate middle-aged spread), I know this is not the ultimate for me. In fact there is really no age in which I will “have arrived”.  There will be things I like and dislike about every year that God allows me on this earth. True satisfaction, I believe for every Christian can’t be found in any age, because there is no perfect age or perfect circumstances for our life.


I thought of this verse in the book of Psalms.


Psalm 17:15  As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness.


The perfect forever,


Forever in the presence of Jesus Christ!


7 thoughts on “Forever 21

  1. You are right on TARGET! Great post~~ Very honest reflection about being a mother…Very touching…. You wrote with your heart! Thanks!

    I sure would like you to add me as a friend on FACEBOOK. When you post an update, just copy the link to FACEBOOK so that I can access it. You also get a lot more people viewing your post by doing this.

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    Hi ZDenny. Thanks for your kind comments and for stopping by my blog. I do not have a Facebook account and decided a while ago not to get one. I already probably spend too much time as it is with blogging, even though I consider it somewhat of a ministry. You are welcome though, whenever you can to stop by, and I hope that you will. Blessings to you and your family!

  2. No perfection in us mortals. . . but how wonderful that our Lord and Saviour is PERFECT. Loved your post.

    Hi Karen. I’m glad our Lord is perfect too, and how wonderful it will be one day to be in His perfect presence for all eternity. Thank God, we have a hope beyond this world!

  3. Good morning. While reading this I was thinking of all the things that people do in an attempt to defy the aging process and maintain a youthful appearance. All to no avail of course as, in the end, Ecclesiastes 8:8 holds true. My wife doesn’t like to think about getting older and so I will occasionally make joking comments like “you’re older today than you were yesterday.”

    I say it in a joking around fashion, but the true intent is to bring about pondering. This world is temporal and our time here very limited. I’m reminded of when my Dad was in the nursing home. The place was filled to capacity with souls from every walk of life. Many of them left impressive legacies in this world and were dearly loved by many. But this holds no weight in eternity. When all has been said and the final curtain falls, the only thing that matters is whether or not a persons name has been recorded in the book of life.

    So true is Psalm 90:12. “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


    Hi Timbob. How true it is that all that will matter in eternity is whether or not we obeyed the Lord and have our names written in the book of life. It reminds me of a song my husband and I sang on our wedding day.
    Only one life, so soon it will pass. Only what’s done for Christ will last. Only one chance to do His will, so give to Jesus all your days. It’s the only life that pays. When you recall, you have but one life.

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Every age has its beauty. God has ordained life the way it is. If only we listen more to our elder while we are at the age when we see ourselves “all grown up”.
    Tender post, thank you.

    Hi Catherine. Yes, I do think it would do us good to listen to our elders when we see ourselves “all grown up.” There is some wisdom that comes with age and experience that a young person doesn’t yet have. Even though I’m middle aged now, I’m thankful for the godly elders that are an example to me.

  5. Great post Sissy! As for me, the perfect age would be forever raptured! My eyes have been on the skies lately and the clouds remind me that he will be coming in clouds of glory. Can’t wait!

    Amen, Keek! I’m looking forward to the great and glorious day!

  6. Carol, you are right about all of this. Our country glorifies youth over wisdom. But I wouldn’t want to be Forever Old either.

    Hi Helen. I definitely wouldn’t want to be forever old either. Being in the presence of Jesus and having a glorified body is the best way to go.

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