Because A Fence Came Down

When Ichabod Reigns


A woman

once beautiful, now broken

slips into the driver’s seat

of an old Buick.

Somehow, last night on that bar stool

she came to herself

and that epiphany is

drawing her back to the Father’s House.


Slowly now she pulls into

an almost full parking lot

that used to be quite dusty.

The well manicured lawn

and tasteful landscaping

are impressive.


Purposefully ten minutes late

she opens the door;

Her feet softly stepping on

the earth toned, patterned

carpet of the vestibule

and quietly seats herself

on the back row.


There is music, dancing

and rejoicing, but somehow

the sounds seem different.

Suddenly, her breath catches

as she realizes the women

singing on the platform look –

just like her –

Oh, not that there’s family resemblance,

but former holy vessels are

replaced by a parade of flesh,

freshly painted and decked

with gold, glittery trimmings.


Angrily, the woman rises to her feet

and with all her might screams,

“Oh God, where are You!”

But no one hears.


Proverbs 22:28  Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.
Thanks to Helen for her help in editing this poem.





One thought on “Because A Fence Came Down

  1. Wow, powerful poem Mom. Isn’t that a true story?

    Well, it’s based on a message that Brother Joel Booker preached at a youth meeting. The message was In The Father’s House, and he mentioned a situation similar to the one I wrote about in the poem. Glad you liked it, Jen. I wrote this probably a year ago, and Helen helped me edit it.

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