Happy Birthday to My Favorite 50 Year Old!

Today is the birthday of my wonderful husband. He has only 1 or 2 strands of gray hair, making it harder to believe that he is 50. Most people guess him to be in his early to mid forties, and some have even thought he was in his late 30’s. Anyhow, he is a well preserved creature, and I’m thankful to have  been a part of his life for a little over 26 years. On Saturday, we had a surprise party for him at my sister Karen’s house.  My sister tried to pull the wool over his eyes by saying she wanted us over for a barbecue to celebrate with  her son Jeremy and his wife Molly who found out a couple of weeks ago that they will become parents in January. I even went out and bought them a card and a little gift to make it look more convincing. My husband’s best friend called him that morning too and invited him and our family to come and have some of these Texas roadhouse dinners that their church was selling as a fundraiser. He was trying to throw him off, but my husband was still a little suspicious that something might be going on. Well, we still had a great time, and I’ll post a few pictures below. To see more pictures, click here.

Happy Birthday, Pete! God could not have blessed me with a better husband. You are a man of character and conviction, and I love you!


The birthday boy – Okay, the glasses do make him look a little older, but he only wears them for reading. His distance vision is great.


A few of us in my sister’s beautiful backyard.


Opening gifts. That beautiful gray headed lady is Carole Kerr. She has a great sense of humor and was cracking jokes left and right.  If she could be bottled, she would make great medicine! LOL


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Favorite 50 Year Old!

  1. Happy Birthday to your husband. Birthdays are so much fun with family and friends. And it was good to see a picture of Carole Kerr looking so good. It’s been years since I’ve seen her.

    Hi Karen. Thanks for the birthday greeting for my husband. Yes, Sister Kerr is doing good. She’s still going strong, and still making all of her delicious candy. I feel blessed to have her as a friend.

  2. Happy birthday to your “well-preserved” hubby! I am planning on throwing a surprise party for my husband’s 5oth. I still have a few years to go before I have to get it ready though.

  3. ‘Twas a great party for Spiss. Good tribute to him. Good man, that husband of yours. Good man!

    That was a nice party, and of course, Spiss was honored to have everyone present.

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