House On Hayes


If you are a reader of my blog, you know that my mother-in-law passed away on May 5, 2009. I’m thankful that she was a part of my life for over 25 years. I love her and will miss her very much. The following poem I dedicate to her memory. Thanks again to all of you who have expressed condolences and have lifted up our family in your prayers.

House On Hayes


The house on Hayes with

the green awning and white vinyl

siding sits empty now


Death doesn’t knock when it’s convenient.

However, my mind is still

full with

the memories we made

in Yia Yia’s two-story abode.


As if it were moments ago,

I smell the rosemary laden

roasted lamb accompanied by

the browned, juicy potatoes

and carrots. “Please pass the

rice.” says Uncle Mike.


Stepping in the living room I

hear Mom, Mike and Dean,

Pete and I. Of course, we’re playing


“How did you guess that?” yells

Mom. Pete’s clue was “shorter”,

and Mike guessed the correct word.


Sometimes those brothers have

a mind meld between them.


In the kitchen, I again

see mom

in her element,

baking the goodies we love so much.

“Peter, you really need to lose

weight.” she scolds.


in the next breath,

“Here, have some cookies.”

You’ve gotta love that woman!


And I do. She made that

house a home where I always

felt welcome. Like a hand that

pulls out of a glove, she has

left that old house. No more

with my eyes will I behold

that fine house.


But time won’t erase the

impressions in my heart

created from beautiful memories.




9 thoughts on “House On Hayes

  1. What a lovely tribute to her. I’m sure you miss her. Love, Helen
    Hi Helen. I was looking at some pictures I took from last year when we went out for her 80th birthday, and that really made me miss her. I do find it comforting to remember the good times we had over the years.

  2. oh, Carol, that brings tears to my eyes! you make me feel as if I were there, observing it all. I’m so sorry for your loss, your family’s loss. death is so hard to digest, even when we know what comes after…

    Holly, you’re right about death being hard. The thing that has helped me the most in this instance and in others is first of all prayer and then remembering the good times.

  3. What a beautiful illustration of what your mother-in-law meant to you – and what a wonderful thing that you have so many beautiful memories. Please know that prayers go out to your family for comfort at this time.

    Hi Karen. Thanks so much for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

  4. Sis, what a touching poem. I remember playing password with Irene when she visited out here. She was such a neat lady. I took to her the moment I first met her in 1992 when she came out to see her new granddaughter, Jen. I loved her humor and speak-your-mind mentality. I will truly miss her too. I’m so glad I called her on her birthday in March and got to talk with her one last time. I know it must be especially hard for Pete and his brothers. They’re all in my thoughts and prayers.

    Sis, I’m glad you knew Irene too. She was really touched that you called on her birthday. She was very fond of you, Bub, Mom and Tom. When we were at her house, I saw a Christmas card along with the last Mester Messenger that you sent to her. She really appreciated the way you kept in touch with her, and I do too. Thanks so much for your prayers too. Love you!

  5. I’m sorry for your loss. The poem is a beautiful tribute to your mother-in-law. So many people don’t have a good relationship with their in-laws (I’ve been lucky–twice), it is truly a blessing when you do. Your family is still in my prayers.

    Hi Kweenmama. Thanks for your kind comment and the prayers. It’s much appreciated.

  6. What a beautiful expression of your love for your Mother-in-Law. Precious memories, how they linger! That is what gets us through at a time such as this. I am sorry for your loss. I’m praying for continued peace and comfort for you and your family.

    Hi Jolene. Thanks for stopping by today and for your prayers. I’m so glad that God is there for us in every situation of life.

  7. Beautiful tribute to someone you loved. Wonderful memories are comforting but the peace of God is what carries us. My thoughts and prayers are with and your husband, your children, tonight.

    Que Dieu vous bénisse ma douce soeur.

    Hi Catherine. Yes, I agree that prayer is what really carries us through those difficult times. I’m grateful for all the people that have prayed for us, and that includes you too.

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