The Big Surprise

Do you enjoy surprises? Someone in our family is going to receive a big surprise today, and that’s all I can say until later.  😆


Okay, it’s Sunday evening, and it’s all over. We went to a surprise 50th birthday party for my wonderful brother-in-law, Mike. Everybody did a great job keeping this a secret. When him and his wife came to the door of their son Jeremy’s house, and everybody yelled “Surprise!”, Mike was stunned. Probably the neatest thing about this birthday was that Mike’s mom, who is in her 70’s was able to fly out from Chicago to be there for the shindig. She was hiding back in one of the bedrooms when he first came, and from a cell phone, she called him on the house phone there. His mom asked him if he was surprised and how the party was going. She told him that she wished she could be there. He said, “Are you sure you’re not already here? I’m going to look for you. You’re probably in the hallway.” What was really funny was as he said that, his mom was actually coming down the hallway. Mike was heading toward the hallway, and that is where they met. He was just joking about the possibility of her being there.


Mike and his mom.


It was a wonderful party with a fine mix of family and friends totaling around 40. We ate some delicious grub, participated in an Older Than Dirt Quiz (yipee! I wasn’t the high scorer), played a little game to see how much we knew about Mike(my brother Tom beat me by one point) and watched Mike open his gifts. Mike’s son Jeremy put together a very nice slide show presentation about Mike’s life. Probably the most touching thing of all was when the floor was opened up to any who wanted to share what Mike has meant to them or how he has influenced them. Over the years, my brother-in-law has been a home Bible study teacher, care pastor, musician and a great friend, and it was very special to hear of the godly influence that he has had in many lives that were represented there. I’d like to share a little in my next post on how Mike was instrumental in bringing the gospel to our family. For now, here are a few more pictures of his party.


Mike with long time friend, co-worker and brother in Christ, Calvin.


Mike’s cake – One of his hobbies is golfing.


Special “over the hill” hat


Mike and his new “over the hill” autograph dog, complete with reading glasses.


My sister Ann and I!


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