Two Flew Out Of The Cuckoo’s Nest

When we came back from church this morning, the two baby mourning doves were out of the nest and sitting on the porch rail. It was such a neat site that my husband and I rushed inside and got our cameras.



I wonder how much of a bond, if any at all, that these baby birds form with their parents. It’s a whole lot different for humans to experience the “empty nest.”  I’m not there yet, but should the Lord delay his coming and our lives down here continue, I know that one day this will be my lot too. What a bittersweet thing that will be. For the kids, I’m sure it will be exciting, maybe a little scary, but mostly exciting as they go out and experience a lot of “firsts”. For me as a parent, I know it will be somewhat difficult after having raised them and spending so much time together.  But this is the nature of a parent. In a sense, we work our way out of a job. I am not done yet though, so while my two precious young uns are still around, Lord, help me make the most of it and cherish every minute. One day these 2 kiddos that God chose to bless us with will leave the nest, but I will ALWAYS hold them in my heart.



2 thoughts on “Two Flew Out Of The Cuckoo’s Nest

  1. Hi Carol. Our youngest daughter, Megan. just turned 16. Last week she was in Florida with the marching band. They grow quickly indeed and it’s a sure reminder that our time here is fleeting.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


    Hi Timbob. Yes, they do grow quickly, and we only get one shot at parenting, which is a very sobering thought. I couldn’t imagine doing it without God’s help. Thanks for stopping by.

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