Reasons To Rejoice


God is opening doors for Bible studies to be taught! There is a lady in our church who has four neighbors in her apartment complex that want a Bible study. This coming Tuesday, we will start teaching Search For Truth to them. I am excited to be able to share the Word of God with these ladies!



Something absolutely incredible happened Tuesday night. I actually beat my husband in a game of Scrabble!! We really don’t play very often, but whenever we do, it’s usually pretty close. I may take an early lead, but somehow, he always manages to pull ahead at the end and win. Not the case this time. I thought for sure I was done in, when near the end of the game, he put down the word DESK, and thanks to a triple word score, got 42 points. Feverishly, I began moving my tiles around, searching for something that would give me a lot of points. Then I saw it. The word was VIRAL, and thanks to a triple word score, I received enough points to take the lead. On my next turn, I went out using the word NEE. This is a historical moment in our household folks! My husband knows me pretty well, and he asked “You’re going to do a post about this, aren’t you?” “Well, it did cross my mind.” I admitted. Something like this is just too good to keep to myself. Know what I mean? 😆


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