Wilderness Wonders

1Samuel 23:15

And David saw that Saul was come out to seek his life: and David was in the wilderness of Ziph in a wood.

1Samuel 23:16

And Jonathan Saul’s son arose, and went to David into the wood, and strengthened his hand in God.

This morning, as I was reading my Bible, these verses just seemed to leap out at me.  David was literally running for his life, running from King Saul who wanted to kill him.  He was in a wilderness, which in itself can be a very scary place. How blessed he was to have a friend in King Saul’s own son, Jonathan. The Bible says that Jonathan strengthened his hand in God.  No doubt, David was afraid at this time, for the first words out of Jonathan’s mouth in verse 17 are “Fear not.”

Sure, God could have come down Himself to David to assure him that everything was going to be allright, but most of the time it seems that God chooses to work through people. Sometimes it’s just reassuring to have someone with skin on, someone right there that you can see. I thought of the many times in my life when I have been afraid or discouraged. How many times has God sent someone to strengthen my hand in God! Many times it has been a preacher. Some times it has been a family member or close friend. God has even used bloggers before who had no idea what I was going through, but the words that they had written in a post ministered to me. Have you ever had your hand strengthened in God? I’m very grateful for the many times that I have felt the divine touch of God, but I’m also grateful for the times when he has used someone else with skin on to encourage me, comfort me or give me assurance.

If you are reading this and facing a “wilderness” today, I pray God will send someone that can strengthen your hand in Him. If everything is rosy, may you be used by God to strengthen someone’s hand in the Lord today.


Tis THE HUMAN TOUCH in this world that counts,

The touch of your hand and mine,

Which means far more to the fainting heart

Than shelter and bread and wine;

For shelter is gone when the night is o’er,

And bread lasts only a day,

But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice

Sing on in the soul alway.




2 thoughts on “Wilderness Wonders

  1. Yes, God has strengthened me many times…through something I read, a lesson I’ve heard, and even through conversations. His blessings come when we most need them.

  2. You know, Carol, it is amazing how that “someone” – who can be almost anyone – comes along just when we need them to strengthen us. God know us so much better than we know ourselves.

    So true, Helen.

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