The Son Peeks In

What an unusual day.

The sky is dark and a light rain

slowly drops down. Winds are blowing but

not to the point of being overbearing. As I walk

through the neighborhood, I notice that every once

in a while, the sun manages to break through

the darkness.  It may be just a sliver of light,

and it may last just for a few seconds, but the

darkness has definitely been



I think of my own life and know that

there have been some dark times. Problems and

not so great circumstances, like dark clouds

have hung over my head and I’ve felt the

chilling fingers of a troubled breeze. Yet I can

recall saint’s testifying of God’s provision, talking in

an unknown tongue as tears stream down my face and

having Scripture verses come to my mind

just when I needed them.  By these things I know

that although I can’t stop the tempest, I can find

strength in those times when

The Son peeks in.




3 thoughts on “The Son Peeks In

  1. This is just beautiful, Carol. You’ve given me a wonderful way to start my day. Thank you.

    Glad you liked it, Becky. I’m even more glad for Jesus giving me gentle reminders that He is always there, no matter what the situation.

  2. Hi. The Lord is always right on time and knows our every need. He sees our thoughts afar off and is a very present help in trouble.

    Blessings always in jesus name.


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