My Favorite 49er!


Kiki with niece Abby on Christmas Day 2008


On Sunday, my wonderful elder sister, Karen(affectionately known as “Kiki”)celebrated her 49th birthday.  I am blessed and honored to have her as my biological sister, friend, confidante and sister in Christ.  She’s a great lady, and I’m glad that she’s a part of my life.  I have many precious memories of my sister from childhood to the present.  One thing that I’ll never forget from our childhood was the time we were playing “doctor” in our basement in Chicago. Karen, who was the doctor, decided that her patient(me) needed some medicine.  She had me open up my mouth,tilt my head back, and she began pouring a cup of medicine(some grape juice) down my throat using a funnel.  For some reason, I thought this was funny, and I started laughing. Suddenly, I wasn’t laughing anymore, because I started choking. When Karen saw that I was choking and had a terrified look on my face, she grabbed my hand and started dragging me up the stairs to take me to mom.  Fortunately, about half way up the stairs, I caught my breathe and the panic passed.  A more recent funny memory is the “Holy Smoke” stuffing she made for Thanksgiving in 2007. She had made her stuffing at her house on the stovetop before bringing it over to my place. She knew she had burnt the stuffing but thought it had only affected the bottom of the pot.  This was not the case, and after we had asked the blessing upon our food, one by one we began to discover that the stuffing was horrible. Then the jokes started, and it was probably the most hilarious Thanksgiving we ever had.  I could go on, but that would make for a very long post.

I am thankful though for the good and not so good times we have shared together. Keek, I hope your 49th year is the best ever.  Happy Birthday, and I love you bunches!

4 thoughts on “My Favorite 49er!

  1. Hey Lynnie:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Wish you could’ve been with me on my day. We’ll have to celebrate sometime later. Love you so much. I am blessed to have you for my sister and friend.


  2. Noooo…she can’t be 49! She looks 39! 🙂 No gray hair – not fair. :0

    Karen, Happy belated Birthday! God bless you with many more awesome birthdays! Love you.

    Hi Tena. I think the no gray hair must run in the family. My mom is 69 and still has very little gray. Glad God loves us all the same whether we have gray, red, black, brown or blond hair. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Karen.

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