Happy Birthday, Jeremy!


This handsome fellow, known for his amazing ability to arch his eyebrow, is my nephew Jeremy. Today is his birthday, and I feel like an old aunt having a nephew that is 27. I’ve been blessed to be around Jeremy for a good portion of his growing up years. When my husband and I moved out to California, Jeremy was only 7. One of my favorite memories of Jeremy is at his higschool graduation. In the speech that he made, he was giving honor to God for some blessings in his life. I’ll never forgot him thanking God for the five wooden spoons that his mother broke over his bottom. The audience was filled with laughter over that one.  My two kids have always enjoyed being around “cousin Jer” and for my son he’s been a snowboarding and RC mentor along with being a wonderful example of a godly young person.  He is still serving God today, along with his new wife Molly. I’m so happy for them and the direction in which God is taking them. Jeremy, I love you and wish you a year filled with God’s rich blessings.  Happy Birthday!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

  1. A Happy Belated Birthday Wish to Jeremy. Wonderful to hear his dedication to the Lord during his teen years…and that it is continuing on until today.
    Thanks, Karen. I am thankful for the young people I know that serve God and our faithful to Him through their youth. The world needs more youth that are like that. Thanks for stopping by.

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