You Might Be A Pentecostal If……

You’re so excited when you sit down at the computer to put together a post that you feel like you could type in tongues!  LOL

I really am excited though about what the Lord is doing in our local congregation.  We have been consistently reaching out to people in our community(and praying too) for the past couple of months, and we are seeing the blessing of the Lord on our efforts.  Today we had 4 brand new visitors in our children’s church and 2 new visitors in our family worship service.  It’s so refreshing to see new souls come and experience the presence of God and hear the preaching of His Word.  People have been praying at the altar too, and I know that very soon we are going to see people receiving the Holy Ghost, speaking in other tongues, just like they did in the book of Acts.  Next week is the start of our kid’s crusade, and I’m looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in and through our kids.  I give God all glory and praise for the great things He is doing for us!


One thought on “You Might Be A Pentecostal If……

  1. Sister, I rejoice with you about what God is doing in your midst.
    Praise His name!
    It can only get better.
    Love you! 🙂

    Hi Tena. It is getting better. This weekend we had a wonderful children’s crusade and Sunday morning the altar was filled with children, teens and adults seeking God. One teenage girl that has been coming to children’s church for a few weeks now almost received the Holy Ghost. She wants to be baptized in Jesus’ name, and her mom gave her consent. Excited about what God is doing! Thanks for stopping by. Love you too.

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