PBJ Getaway

Did you ever have one of those days where you just felt like you were going to go nuts if you didn’t get out of the house? Today was one of those days. Actually, yesterday was one of those days too, but getting out didn’t work yesterday.  Since there isn’t a lot of spare cash floating around right now, I knew we would have to go somewhere not too far away.  After going to put some gas in the car and buy some bottled water, I came home and quickly filled our little cooler with 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, some apples and some lemon bars. We then headed out to Round Valley National Preserve to have a picnic and do a little hiking.  Even though we’ve lived in Oakley for 6 years now, we had never been to this particular park.  It was a little cold, but sunny, and the 3 of us enjoyed our time there. Sometimes I think about how swiftly the kids are growing up. I want to be able to do special little things like this with them while they’re still at home, so I’m thankful for the time we were able to spend together today just enjoying nature and goofing off.







8 thoughts on “PBJ Getaway

  1. I love doing outings like that with my kids! I’m jealous that you could be outside without coats, hats, and gloves…and I could see some green ground cover. It won’t look like that here for another two months.

  2. Those are the BEST times. Our boys remember those “outings” more than ones we spent the big bucks on. I love PBJ. I’ve been taking PBJ’s on thick slices of organic whole grain bread with sugar free jam (I’m a diabetic) to work for my breakfast. It’s the best and gives me energy!!! I think sometimes we forget how the simple things can be so satisfying long term! We’ve been playing dominoes with my parents at least twice a week in the evenings…and we’ve had a blast!

  3. Great idea! I tried snowshoeing for the first time this weekend at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle. Went there to shoot some ‘winter wonder’ photos after a snowfall of 8-10 inches and discovered they rent snowshoes. Didn’t get much shooting done, but enjoyed the workout and experience of snowshoeing it up. Some photos @ Flickr.com if you care to peek: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14935001@N00/sets/72157612415931570/

    Gotta love those PBJ days!

    You know Bob, I did mention to the kids at one point on our excursion that it would really be fun if Uncle Bob were here. I could just picture you skipping down the trail. LOL Thanks for the link to your photos. I will check it out.

  4. I liked the pics of this li’l’ excursion. It is nice to have field trips. I remember really liking them when I was in school. Glad you got to do som’n a li’l’ different w/the chillies. Now how ’bout a li’l’ FLUFF with those peanut butter and jelly sammiches? I’ll have to look at Bovvy’s photos.

    Maybe we’ll try Fluff on the next field trip. Haw!

  5. Looks like you all had a good time. you’ll have to take me there sometime! I notice Jen had her new pink purse that Molly got her for Christmas!

    Yes, that is indeed the purse from Molly. Jen has used it several times. I would love to take you to Round Valley sometime. It’s nice to have a beautiful place like that close to home. We actually went back there today for a few hours and had another picnic lunch.

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