The DIE in DIEt

Here’s my philosophy on dieting.  If you feel the need to do it, make it as fun as possible.  Thus, the poem.


The DIE in DIEt


I would not know, I could not know, till time came ‘round to try it

Just why the word within the word, why is there DIE in DIEt?


I’ve eaten rich and sumptuous food that the holiday season brings;

Candies, cookies, sweets galore and a host of fattening things.

But now I lay those things to rest. Their beckoning, I must quiet.

I face again the simple truth.  There is a DIE in DIEt.


Oh, the aisles of the grocery store contain such tempting stuff,

Like cinnamon rolls and chocolate bars and jars of marshmallow fluff.

Their voices sometimes scream to me, “Hey, you’ve got to try it!”

So with authority, I must yell back, “There is a DIE in DIEt!”


I must confess a kind of stress. It’s really kind of hard

To bid adieu to grease soaked foods and those enriched with lard.

Some cooking methods now must cease. I won’t deep fry or pan fry it,

As I beseech the help of God to keep the DIE in DIEt.




7 thoughts on “The DIE in DIEt

  1. That’s a cute poem, Carol, and you have hit the resolution of a LOT of people. I agree; dieting is awfully hard without God’s help. Happy New Year, and I wish you lots of will power in your diet.

  2. Love this poem, Carol. Good point about the DIE in DIEting. Makes sense to me…like how we have to die to ourselves to become more like Christ.

    I had gained a few pounds already, and then over the holidays I put on a few more…it’s one of several things that’s been bothering me lately. The other day, when it was really getting to me, I read the following “Our Daily Bread” devotional:

    I LOVE how it says”obsessive eating or not eating indicates that we are focused on the gift rather than on the Giver…”

  3. Mom, I don’t know how you think these things up…lol Aren’t your glad the diet is almost over?

    Well, at least the diet is over for this week. I’m going to have me some of those beans today. Yum yum!

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