How We’re Getting Our Fill Of Sugar For The Holidays


This is a picture of a gingerbread train that we decorated with our homeschool group. Each family decorated either a train or a gingerbread tree.  I must confess to consuming 2 of the boxcars. (not all in one sitting, fortunately) They were yummy!


Here’s another train that another family made. You can get quite creative when you have a wide variety of candy to work with as we did.


I made some Peanut Blossoms this week too. Our family really enjoys this cookie.  I lost count of how many I ate.


This tray of cookies is going to church tomorrow so that the kids can have their quota of sugar after the children’s Christmas program.


This tray will go to church too.


We have to have some sweet bread for the holidays too.  Of course, all of this stuff was sampled to make sure it was okay.  Did I mention that I like sugar?

2 thoughts on “How We’re Getting Our Fill Of Sugar For The Holidays

  1. Looks like you’ve been very busy. Your “sugars” look wonderful – and the other trays are very appealing. I’ve got to get to the kitchen and start my Christmas goodies.

  2. We’re getting more than our share of sugar too. After getting leftover cookies from the Mester’s Elite Ladies party, now we have a tray of cookies/fudge/candies that Cindy Sottana made us. I’m trying to be temperate about it all and still keep in mind it’s a sin to waste (HAW). We’ll see what happens at the Mesters on Christmas. We’ll be bringing some of those goodies.

    I’ve got to quit all this blasted baking! I haven’t gained pound wise, but it seems like my stomach is gaining inches. It’s so hard to resist all those goodies, but after the 1st, I’ll get back into more sensible eating.

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