Christmas Banquet 2008



These are a couple of the centerpieces(before the finishing touch of 3 tapered candles were added to each) that our ladies made for the tables at our 3rd annual Christmas banquet.  This year, we held our banquet at our new church facility in downtown Oakley.  We ate tri-tip, chicken, killer baked beans, Caesar salad and dinner rolls, provided by a local caterer.  It was all so delicious.  For dessert, we had a Tres Leche cake from Safeway.  If you have never tried this cake, I would highly recommend it.  It is the bomb! 

Our special speaker this year was Rev. Joe Savala who pastors in Ontario, Oregon. Brother Savala is one of the funniest preachers I know. I feel like the Lord uses his humor to put people at ease and help open their hearts to receive the Word of God.  Did you know that there are people in this world who don’t like to bathe?  Here are some of the excuses Rev. Savala shared with us on why some people do not bathe.

1. They were forced to do it as a child.

2. They tried bathing once and decided it wasn’t for them.

3. They just don’t feel the need to bathe often.

4. They think they are already clean enough.

5. There are hypocrites out there that bathe.

6.  There are so many soaps out there that they just aren’t sure which one to use.

After sharing with us the reasons why some people do not bathe, Rev. Savala brought home the point that these same excuses can apply to why people do not go to church.  I like to think of what he said as a gentle tug on the heart of those who were there that do not go to church or only go sporadically.   One lady who attends our church brought her neighbor and daughters to the banquet, and this neighbor lady told her friend that she wanted to come to church with her on Sunday.  She was not able to come on Sunday due to health problems, but her youngest daughter came to children’s church and had a good time.  I praise God for that and am looking forward to more coming.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Banquet 2008

  1. GORGEOUS centerpieces! And add the snow from your blog to it, and it’s a winter wonderland! Sounda like you had a wonderful time with a good speaker! Merry Christmas.


  2. Everything turned out really nice and the room looked beautiful. I think everyone had a great time and the food was terrific. Wish I had me some of that Tri-tip right now.

    I think it was a good time for all too. We ate every last bit of that tri-tip that we brought home and the chicken too. Delicious!

    God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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