Clowning Around For Christ

This past Saturday, we had a fun time reaching out to children and families in our community.  Heads were turning as a couple of clowns and other colorful characters walked through the neighborhood handing out candy sticks,  icecream certificates, balloon animals and invitations to attend our children’s church and family worship services.  We are looking forward to seeing many new children and their families coming and being blessed at our new location.  Everyone had such a good time that we’re going to do it again this weekend.  Here are a few pictures from our neighborhood excursion.


Isabella helps dress up Mr. Clown Around. (her dad)


Mr. and Mrs. Clown Around


The daughter with a colorful hat and me, a little more subdued.(but I’m really wild on the inside)


A few of the kids we talked with along the way. The girls were a little camera shy.


Two young boys enjoying their balloon swords.


What a team!


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