Men At Work

Ecclesiastes 5:3


For a dream cometh through the multitude of business..

On Saturday a work crew gathered at approximately 6 a.m. to begin demolition/renovation work on the building that we will be moving into later this month.  We are excited about being able to move to this new location, which is right in the heart of our downtown.  My husband and I felt very blessed and humbled by the men who volunteered to come and help with the remodeling. Many of these men were not from our local congregation, but they had a desire to be involved in working for the kingdom of God, and some of them traveled a considerable distance to come and help. We are grateful also for the ladies that took time to prepare a nice lunch and dinner for these hungry hombres. Our goal is to have our first service on October 19th, and hopefully, I’ll have more pictures to post at that time.  I’m looking forward to God doing marvelous things in our new facility!


12 thoughts on “Men At Work

  1. Wow. You just mentioned this about ten days ago. I, too, will pray you cane be in the building by October 19.

    Thanks, Helen. We’ll take all the prayers we can get.

  2. How exciting!!! God is always on time, sometimes it’s not our time, but Faith in now-time and it’s time for Revival.
    God bless you and I pray right now that October 19 will be TIME!!!

  3. Catherine borrowed) my words – HOW EXCITING. Watching progress to God’s work is always special, and I’m so thankful that He honors His own. Looking forward to pictures being posted on October 20 showing us the finished product of October 19.

  4. Sis. Connell,
    This is exciting news! I hope that we can swing by for a visit in the near future to rejoice with you in your new building!

  5. I can’t help my self for repeating Catherine and Karen so here goes, HOW EXCITING!!! I too, will be looking for more pics to be posted. I can see a shouting good time on the way.

    I pray that every hand that has gathered to help your church in this endeavor is blessed beyond measure.

  6. Isn’t God’s timing amazing?! He brings everything together. What a blessing for you and those not associated with your church…that’s exciting! I think the most awesome thing though, is the anticipation of what God is doing and what He’s GOING to do! Praying for many souls!

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