Friday Nite Fun Factory

Friday Nite Fun Factory was the theme of this year’s youth lock in, sponsored by Revival Tabernacle of Fremont, Ca.  This is an event that our young people really look forward to going to each year.  Bryan Van Heusen and the staff of Revival Tabernacle did another incredible job of putting it all together. Here are a few pictures from my tempermental camera of some of the activities.

Brother Bryan Van Heusen, the ringmaster of ceremonies.

The youth leader from Manteca spoke to the kids about The Harvest.  He did a great job!

Some of the attendees wore fun clothes.

Some of the crowd. 

The Inflatable was a big hit.

The Egg Head Game. This was hilarious to watch.  The object of this game is to be the first to use your “pool noodle” to crack the raw egg on top of your opponent’s head while sitting in a wagon and being pulled around in a circle.  Matthew(with the blue goggles)seemed to really enjoy this one.

Alyssa and Brianna prepare to do battle in the Egghead Game.  Alyssa was victorious.

Notice the words FUN FACTORY on the wall?  I didn’t realize that’s what it said until just now. I think I’m sleep deprived.


7 thoughts on “Friday Nite Fun Factory

  1. Now that looks like a great fun night for the youth. I would love to watch that egg game! LOL

    The egg game was funny. They also had these inflatable Sumo wrestler suits that some of the kids tried out to do some wrestling on the floor mats. I heard that was hysterical, but I was not around for that event, so I don’t have any pictures.

  2. Hey Carol, This does look like it was a lot of fun. I like your last comment…I know how that can be.

    Hey, if you’re interested and have the time, I have a quick meme for ya (passed on from Jolene). You can check it out over at my blog.

  3. Carol, your pics sure brings back memories of when my children where younger. Those were the days. I really do miss them. I enjoyed those times. I was right in the middle of it all. My kids sit around and talk about how I was the coolest mom. Makes me feel good. Now I want to make sure I am able to be there to do the same for Caleb. Nothing like good ol’ clean Apostlic Godly FUN!!!

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