My husband’s wonderful, magnificent,very blessed, providential day

Luke 11:9

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.



The day after I had my horrible homeschooling day, my husband had a really good day.  Here is why.  For almost a year, we have been trying to lease this building downtown with the purpose of remodeling it to use for church services.  This week, my husband was finally able to get a permit from the city to do some minimal remodeling before we can move in.  Anyhow, we know the building materials that we will need, and we have been praying for the Lord to either help us to get good deals on these items or somehow get them donated.  Yesterday, my husband stopped by the construction site of a mall due to open next month in a neighboring city.  He was able to talk to the supervisor of the project and tell him about our desire to renovate this building and use it as a church.  He explained that we’re going to need things like steel studs, sheetrock, carpet and ceiling tiles.  The supervisor was very supportive and told my husband that he would be able to supply all of the things that he had named.  He said his secretary would get together a letter to go to the other contractors, and they could arrange to have the items delivered to us!  This is an awesome answer to prayer that will save us thousands of dollars.  I praise God for giving us good favor with this supervisor!


10 thoughts on “My husband’s wonderful, magnificent,very blessed, providential day

  1. Wow! God works in magnificent ways, doesn’t He? I am so happy for you, your husband and your church.

    Thanks, Becky. Yes, God does work in some wonderful ways.

  2. Wow! That is AWESOME! This makes me think about the fact that, if WE just make the FIRST STEP, God will do the rest!
    More blessings are on the way, in Jesus’ name! 😀 Amen!!

  3. Amazing how God supplies our needs. Your husband definitely made an impression on this superintendent. May God complete the work to make His impression on this man also. Love hearing uplifting, faith-building stories like these.

  4. Good afternoon. Without a doubt, the Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills. In fact he owns the hills, the land around the hills, and is able to meet every need. Interestingly, I was in Luke chapter 12 earlier where Jesus tells the story of the rich man who built larger barns as to sustain himself and then admonishes us to take no thought for tomorrow as the Lord will always meet every need. If we just follow the Lord and live in obediance, he will provide. Great testimony of the Lord providing for those who love him.

    Have a blessed day in Jesus.


  5. That’s quite a praise report! God is good indeed! Thanks for the birthday wishes – I’m celebrating all week long~ Brother Bob treated me to the theatre a couple weekends ago & dinner at one of my fav places. Mmmmm & there was that lovely lavendar bouquet. But best of all were my Gracie girl kisses! God is good indeed!

  6. Awesome report!!!
    I’m praying about a need we have. Taking the first step, faith step, is all that God requires. Why is it that many times it is so difficult?
    Pour moi personellement, j’ai un peu peur, pour d’autres, en avant!!!

  7. Carol:

    I am thrilled about the magnificent, very blessed, providential day. What an antithesis to your awful homeschooling day. Life is like that sometimes, isn’t it though? AND HEY, thank you for the awful, terrible photos we received. They were awfully good and terribly nice. Mom wants to frame ’em.

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