A Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Goin’ On!

I was sitting here at the computer working on lesson plans when all of a sudden I felt a jolt and a little bit of shaking.  Right away, I knew it was an earthquake, and it lasted just a few seconds.  The kids were at a youth service about 20 minutes away, and my husband was on the road traveling home.  I remained relatively calm and prayed for their safety.  There is something about earthquakes that just seems so unreal to me.  It happens so fast that it almost seems like you imagined it.  Anyway, the quake was reported to be a 4.0, and the center was located about 40 minutes from here.  I’m grateful it wasn’t any worse.

If you go to this site http://pasadena.wr.usgs.gov/shake/ca/ you can see the information on the quake.


12 thoughts on “A Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Goin’ On!

  1. Glad you are safe, Carol. I can only imagine what an earthquake is like.

    This one wasn’t bad. I remember the big one back in 1989. I literally saw the walls moving in my sisters bedroom, and my brother-in-law’s car was rocking in the driveway. That was the first earthquake I experienced.

  2. Now that I’ve experienced an earthquake, I understand what you live with in CA a little better. I rejoice with you that it wasn’t worse and everyone is OK.

  3. I didn’t feel it this time, but we were driving home from prayer meeting when one of Mike’s employees called him to say that he just felt it. We looked on the USGS earthquake map and saw that the epicenter was near Walnut Creek. It was kind of funny because when we zoomed in on the map, the epicenter was in someone’s backyard by their swimming pool. Hope t here was no damage!

  4. We experienced an earthquake once while we were living in an old church. It is quite scary experiencing an earthquake in a hundred year old building–it creaks and moans something fierce!
    Glad this one wasn’t a bad one.

  5. I am glad you all are alright. I didn’t even hear about the earthquake… but then I haven’t been watching much TV lately.

    Hi Jayleigh. It wasn’t a real bad one, so it probably didn’t receive much tv coverage if any.

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