Hawaii Poetry

Young Again


Arriving at the Kona airport

we pick up our baggage and head

to Hertz to rent a car. Walking out

to the parking lot, we come to

a sleeking looking black

Ford Mustang convertible.  Is this

the vehicle for a conservative

pastor and his wife?

Well, why not?  We’re on vacation.


Let’s pretend we’re young again,

roll down the top and drive

with the wind blowing at our faces

and messing up our hair.

Let’s remember the 24 year old

young man and the 20 year old young

lady who began an incredible ,

blessed journey 25 years ago that

has lead us to this


Happy Anniversary, Darling!

Only A Woman

Driving through the national park

in a black Ford Mustang convertible,

we come across acres and acres of

an old pahoehoe lava flow. It appears

grayish and chocolate brown

with interspersed cracks and reminds me

of something. “Doesn’t that look like

miles and miles of brownies?”

 I ask my husband. Smiling, he

replies that only a woman

would make that comment.



2 thoughts on “Hawaii Poetry

  1. Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful trip and a fantastic anniversary celebration! Congratulations on 25 wonderful years!

    God Bless,

    Thank you, Scotti. We had a wonderful time, and we both feel very blessed to have been able to go on this trip.

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