Front Porch Happenings

Sophie A Mama Again!

I just had a feeling she was going to have more, and I finally saw one of the new babies yesterday.(There are actually 2 again!) I guess this must be a convenient place to hatch a family.

Got Spiders?

This black widow decided to return after my husband had hosed off the porch. These guys don’t alarm me as much now that my kids are older.  I got as close as I dared so I could get the red hour glass on the belly.  So, what kind of critters do you have in your neck of the woods?


7 thoughts on “Front Porch Happenings

  1. Congratulations to Sophie and her next brood. We had a black widow in our kitchen several years ago. I had come home for lunch and was reaching for the cabinet door near the stove when I ran into a huge spiderweb that was not there that morning. I looked underneath the range hood, and there was a large black widow there. I grabbed a can of Raid and doused that critter til it was Dead! Whew!

  2. Oh that Sophie. She is quite a lady. lol I love it when birds come back to nest again. Makes me think my place is special, and they find something here they can’t at another location.

    Well as for the critters – they run rampant on our little acre. We have several kinds of spiders (lots of greenery draws them). Then there are the lizards, the snails, the slugs, the lady bugs, the bees, the ants, the silverfish, the rolly-poly bugs. Oh, I can’t forget the bats up in the eucalyptus trees. Then there are owls along with blue jays, hummingbirds, doves, with an additional assortment of other bird types. Every now and then I see a quail or two. And there’s the diggers, aka gophers and moles. Lastly, my least favorite, gopher snakes.

    Wow, Karen. That’s quite an assortment of critters. We see quite a few lizards around here too. My son was really into catching them a couple of years ago, but I think he’s lost interest now.

  3. Well Carol, Three deer just crossed the back yard – two grown deer (does I think) and a fawn. In summer the locusts sound from the trees. Bird of many species – including large black crows. Your usual bugs and spiders and butterflies. Squirrels and chipmunks.

  4. Yes, we are loaded with little ones. I forgot to mention frogs. My thought was after listing all the critters, perhaps my husband and I should start Hopper’s Crazy Critter Farm.

  5. EEEEWWWW I hate spiders! There was a news report of a woman who lives in a city near here found a camel spider in her shoe. Have you seen those things? American soldiers serving in the Middle East post pictures of them online all the time. They can get so huge! Ick, ick ick!

  6. Our neighbors cat carried a rat into our backyard last week. It was still alive and the cat was playing with it. The cat dropped it into our pool! YUCKY!!!! My hubby had to take care of that one for me. I haven’t seen a black widow here in Texas but we do have scorpians from time to time.

    Scotti, it’s good to hear from you. I hope you’re having a nice summer.

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