Always An Altar

Always An Altar


Bony elbows lean into

the worn grooves of

a long wooden bench in front

of the platform. The aged gentleman

on his knees is well familiar

with this holy place.

On his first trip here

the vice grip of alcohol

fell from his soul like heavy chains.

A miracle!


Moments of repentance,

to shout and dance over deliverance,

a call to deeper dedication,

to weep at the death of his daughter

and a host of opportunities

of a 50 year span have led

him over and over to

this stronghold of sweet communion.


Kneeling now, he feels the brush

of a body next to him and

discovers his young grandson.

“Grandpa, I love you. I want to go

wherever you go,” the boy

whispers in his ear.

Grandpa softly replies, “Learn to love

The Truth that leads to this place, my child, and

we’ll never be separated.




7 thoughts on “Always An Altar

  1. Oh I really, really like that Carol!

    It reminds me of a German Proverb I’ve recently rediscovered:

    If you live in the Lord, you never see someone “the last time.”

    I like that proverb, Jayleigh. For those that die righteous in Christ Jesus death brings sweet reunion with others who have lived for God and gone on before us.

  2. I loved your bringing thought to the purpose of prayer, and the example it can be to loved ones. Very touching.
    Hi Karen.
    Yes, people are watching our example all the time, especially children.

  3. Very touching. It brought tears to my eyes. I wonder how many children actually see their grandparents pray today? Thank you for a beautiful poem.

    Hi Ronda. There probably aren’t many grandkids that see their grandparents pray, but I do know some that do. If the Lord tarries long enough for me to be a grandparent, I want to be one of those praying ones.

  4. This grandfather is imparting something very important into his grandsons life and that is having a strong prayer life because not to many kids really get to see their grandparents pray.

    Yes, grandpa is showing the grandson through his example.

  5. I sat and cried as I read this poem. Oh to be such an example of prayer to my grandson. It doesn’t stop with our children but it moves on to our grandchildren and even our great grandchildren.

    Oh what a priviledge it is to prove to them that our God will never leave us nor forsake us. That He will be with us until the very end. Oh what a Savior.

    Hi Jolene. That’s another reason why I am so thankful for my mom. She has been a godly example to her grandchildren.

  6. Beautiful poem (as usual)! Is the grandfather based on someone you know?

    Thanks, Kweenmama. At the time I wrote this, I wasn’t thinking of anybody in particular although I can think of one grandfather now that I think would fit the bill.

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