Liberty Is

MANY years ago, as a teenager, I took some time to write out some of my thoughts concerning liberty.  Looking over what I wrote, I can honestly say that I still feel the same way.  May God bless you, your families and friends this 4th of July not only with a safe and fun time but with a fresh appreciation with the freedoms we enjoy because of God.


Liberty Is……


Liberty is defined in the dictionary as the condition of being free from restriction or control; freedom, the right to act as one chooses, freedom from confinement or servitude, and permission to do something, authorization or privilege.


Of course, these definitions for the word LIBERTY would be absolutely meaningless to us if we did not have our own historical examples or perhaps our own personal for instances to demonstrate just exactly what LIBERTY IS.


However, there is one central point, one central focus upon which the principle of liberty hinges.  That central focus is God.  The Bible tells us in I Corinthians 3:17 that “where the spirit of the Lord is liberty.”  This is what has made America a great country.  Our forefathers made some precious sacrifices and sought the face of Almighty God as this country came into existence. The motto on our U.S. currency “In God We Trust” illustrates the exact principle upon which America was founded. Keeping these things in mind, I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts on liberty and the preservation of it for the future.


Liberty comes not without sacrifice

And is often bought with a terrific price

We could not be called Americans today

If not for the cost our forefathers did pay

They were brave men and women

That stood their ground

And because of the vision they held

Today our privileges abound

There’s freedom or religion,

Speech and the press

Often taken for granted

We all can confess

We’re free to choose our own careers

And worship as we please

Yet theses privileges were not born, I’m sure

With dry eyes and unbent knees

Shelter is very necessary

And food is an absolute must

But we could not possess the least of these

Had it not been for “In God We Trust”

Yes, the many benefits that we enjoy today

Were born from the faithful, not failing to pray

O America, America can you not see?

That this is why God shed His grace on thee

The reason you have been bountifully blessed

A nation set apart from all the rest

Are you now to forget God

Who has set you free

And choose to be brought into poverty

Will you fail to be thankful

Not serve the Lord the rest of your days

Continue on in self-willed ways?

O, turn back your faces to Him

Our merciful and tender Lord

Who gives much more than temporal things

More than money can afford

For only by abiding in God

Will you continue to be blessed

It’s God alone who can bring to you

Joy, sweet peace and rest

So seek the Lord, America

It’s worth the time, effort, sacrifice, you’ll see

For where the Spirit of our God is

There’s truly liberty.


6 thoughts on “Liberty Is

  1. ~Great Post! Happy 4th of July to you & your family! Wish you all a wonderful day. God bless. Love, Andrea~

    Hi Andrea. Hope you and your honey have a wonderful 4th of July too! 🙂

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