Backyard Luau

The weather was just right for our first Backyard Luau for Youth ALIVE on Thursday night.  Although there weren’t as many kids as I had hoped would be there, we still had a fun time.  Below is the scoop on our luau and a few pictures.

The Food – Hawaiian Chicken, Slow Cooker Kalua Pig, fresh pineapple and banana chunks, macadamia nuts, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, Haupia(a coconut pudding dessert, which kind of looks like tofu-the kids thought it was disgusting) and Volcanic Punch.

The Music – Hawaiian Playground CD by Putumayo Kids

The Kids – Alyssa, Andreas, Bell, Jen, Matthew, Oscar, Paul and Zach.

The Games- Hawaiian Mad Gab, Pass The Coconut(kind of like hot potato), Parrot Ring Toss Game, Dinosaur Golf Ball Catch

The Lesson – The Ultimate Paradise – We talked about how we all look forward to the fun, rest and relaxation of vacations. A couple of kids told us about their best vacation.  Although we can have a good time on vacations, there is really no such thing as a perfect paradise on this earth.  Things can go wrong on vacations such as kids getting sick, money that gets stolen, lost luggage, flat tires, etc. , but one day if we follow God’s salvation plan as outlined in the book of Acts, Jesus is going to take us to a place where there will be no more crying, pain, death suffering or anything that can hurt us.  The best part about heaven is that there will be no sin there and we will see Jesus, the One who died for us, and we’ll be with Him forever.


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