Some Will Not Receive

Some Will Not Receive



Angry eyes stared back at the One

 who with strong arms

overturned the tables, causing coins and paraphernalia to fly


and creating a ruckus among the doves.


Slowly and sorrowfully,

 a young rich man walks away

from his one hope of eternal life

after hearing words from

The Master

that he did not want to hear.


A tear falls down the cheek of the God-man

as He overlooks the city

that for so long snuffed out

Divine direction by

killing prophets and stoning godly men

who sought to bring life giving words.


So how could I think I could possibly

make everyone happy by

speaking the truth in love?




7 thoughts on “Some Will Not Receive

  1. This is a beautiful poem. It rings so true we make
    choices to what path to go down in life . But some choices we make can build our charcter or destroy it in minutes. But if we choose that long narrow path and with the lord he can help us with making the right decisions. I think that it is funny that you wrote this poem on making right decisions or choices.Because my pastor Brother. Brown just preached on this a few weeks ago.

    Hi April. Thank you for the compliment. How true that our choices can make us or break us. We can lovingly present truth to people, but ultimately it is their choice to accept it or reject it. May God help us to choose wisely.

  2. Love the “ruckus among the doves”. Those words catch the imagination, and I can actually see them flying about.
    Hi Karen.
    Certain words in the English language appeal to me, just because of the way they sound. “Ruckus” is one of those words.

  3. Very moving. When I feel heavy because some do not receive truth, I remind myself that many rejected Jesus when He walked on earth. If He was rejected, I most certainly will face rejection.

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