Red Letter Day

Yesterday was a significant day for me, but today is my daughter’s red letter day.  On this date, she completed her behind the wheel driver’s training requirement for California residents.  She needs only to get a few more practice hours in with her dad and I(50 total), and she will be able to get her license.  In addition to this, she is also working her first day at her first real job. (She doesn’t consider the filing she did for her dad as a real job.) In fact, my husband just left a few minutes ago to take her to work.  I was going to take her, but with a puppy dog look in his eyes he said, “Please would you mind if I take her?”  I’m glad he’s taking her though, because I know he’ll be giving her those fatherly reassurances to help her be more at ease.

Sometimes it’s hard to watch the kids grow up.  I am excited for Jen in a way, because I remember what it was like for me to start working, have my own money and be able to drive.  All of those “firsts” of entering adulthood can be pretty thrilling.  Yet, there is that part of me too that would like to have her stay little a while longer and keep her from experiencing hurts and disappointments that are an inevitable part of growing up.  I know I have to let go eventually and let her make her way in this world, and her getting a job is probably a good first step.  The day will come when she will step out completely from under our care, but I know she will always be under the tender gaze of her Heavenly Father.  In that, there is comfort.  So……………………………………………………………………………go Jen!  Do your very best at your job, and bring home all the icecream you can.  LOL


4 thoughts on “Red Letter Day

  1. Congratulations to your daughter. I’m sure she will do well at her job. Driving and jobs are big steps for both parents and kids. I remember those days…

    Thanks, Becky. Her first night at the job went well.

  2. I’m going through the driver’s training stage with my second daughter right now. She is actually giving me fewer gray hairs than her older sister did.

    Congrats to your daughter on completing her training and for starting her new job!

  3. Congratulations to Jen on her new job. Hope she likes it. I can definitely relate, Sis, to how you feel. With the empty nest just around the corner, I have been feeling a little out of sorts as Mike and I enter a new stage in our lives. We want so much for our kids, and we want to shelter them from hurts and pains. Mike told me about an article he recently read on parents who hover. I hope we haven’t done that with Jer. We just have to leave them in God’s hands and uphold them in prayer. Parenting never ends.

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