What’s Up With Sophie?

In case you’re wondering who Sophie is, that is the name I’ve given to the mourning dove that is on my header and has a nest high up on our front porch.  If my calculations are correct, she should have given birth by now, but I have not been able to see any young uns. 


My son got a little too close for comfort trying to take this picture, and Sophie freaked and flew away for a few minutes.  Even with her out of the nest, we couldn’t get high enough to see if there was an egg or two up there.

A few days ago, I came outside and saw Randall(daddy dove)sitting below the nest(with Sophie above)on the front porch.  It looked like a waiting room scenario to me.  I guess I’ll just keep watching and waiting until I know something more definite.  I’ve been spying with the binoculars too, but still haven’t seen any young ones.  I think Sophie’s hiding them behind her body.  🙂




4 thoughts on “What’s Up With Sophie?

  1. Are you going to name the baby birds too? How did you come up with the names of Sophie and Randall?

    Yes, I’ll probably name the baby birds too. I’m just weird that way. I wanted to give the mom and pop names that sounded sophisticated, and those were the names that came to my mind. 🙂

  2. Cool names, Carol. But sophisticated? Randy is anything but.

    Helen, I would agree that Randy is not sophisticated, but Randall is, and I would never call this daddy bird Randy. I had a teacher once named Randall Toth, and to me, he was very sophisticated. Hence the name Randall. 🙂

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