Nature Of Sin

Nature of Sin


The young housewife with

the basket of dirty laundry in

her arms hears the annoying drone

of a fly as she walks toward

the washer.


Just above the slop sink is

a new spider’s web that wasn’t

there last week. The sun peeks

through the garage window, shining

directly on the web, causing each

silky strand to shimmer.


As the fly circles the web


this housewife realizes the

magnificent beauty of a spider’s

home has this fly


And as a spectator, she too

is mesmerized.


Eventually, the fly comes

too close to the web and

buzzes frantically,

ensnared by the

dazzling deathtrap.


After completing her task,

the young housewife

returns to her house

convinced that

some sermons are too powerful for words.





14 thoughts on “Nature Of Sin

  1. I love it. Carol, you nailed this one. As a poet, you cannot expect to use a line like “some sermons are too powerful for words” unless you “earned it.” Believe me, you did. No preaching. Pure image. Way to go.

    Thank you, Helen. I think I’m finally starting to get how image is a part of poetry. You helped me a lot by your comments on the last two poems that I shared with you and gave me confidence to try it on my own. Thank YOU for your input. 🙂

  2. Carol, Image IS poetry. When combined with a bunch of other things. 🙂

    Hi Helen. I guess I’m still trying to sort out what poetry is and isn’t. I’ve learned a lot about writing different types of “form poetry”, but this type of poetry(and I don’t even know what you call it)is still new to me.

  3. Awesome, Carol. A true work of art. I absolutely love it–I love the imagery and impact of this poem. Thank you so much for using your talents for the Lord, learning how to hone your skills, and sharing these wonderful poems!

  4. I really like the ease of your language and the flow of your images. I’d probably only hesitate a bit on the line breaks especially early on with lines ending with words like with and is. Have you considered longer lines?

    Beautiful piece though 🙂

    Hi Jessie. Thanks for stopping by and for your feedback. I hadn’t really thought about longer lines, but I may consider it at a future date. It is still kind of confusing to know where to put breaks in the lines. I’m just kind of guessing as I go. Thanks again for visiting my blog. Blessings!

  5. Hi Carol, I sent Jessie over here. She’s studying for her MFA at Queen’s College in Charlotte (NC). I published some of her poems in the Mule.

    Hi Helen. I knew I had seen Jessie’s avatar somewhere before. I just couldn’t remember where. Thanks for sending her over. Does she have a blog too?

  6. Reblogged this on Write At Home and commented:

    Sin is such a deceiver. The devil does his best to make it look attractive to folks. If that wasn’t the case, nobody would want to sin. I head a preacher use this illustration of the fly and the spider web and turned it into a poem.

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