Catch Up On Memorial Day

My husband, being the extemporaneous guy that he is, suggested on Sunday night that we go to San Francisco to a Memorial Day Service. Here are a few pictures from our trip to the Presidio.  I’m thankful for the men and women who have sacrificed to serve our country. 

The platform where numerous officials spoke and a reading of the Gettysburg Address was heard.

The military band did an excellent job playing Three Cheers For The Red, White and Blue and other great American songs.

Patriotic pooch?

The smoky haze was from a 21 gun salute.  It sure was loud!

Part of the crowd during the ceremony.

View of the cemetery.

I love our flag! 


5 thoughts on “Catch Up On Memorial Day

  1. Our men and women who gave so much certainly deserve a tribute as such, and you have posted pictures to show a fine presentation. God bless America, and may our flag continue to fly proudly.

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