We’re Being Revisited!




A dove has come by and decided to give an area of our front porch a try as a place to build her nest. (the back porch didn’t work too well) Because of the location(up in the top right hand corner of our front porch)it was a little difficult to get pictures, but I was able to get a few. The first two pictures I took from inside the house by standing on a step stool and pointing the camera toward our upper living room window.  I’m going to be watching this unfolding drama each day, and hopefully, I’ll have more pictures to post soon.  God’s creatures are certainly interesting!



10 thoughts on “We’re Being Revisited!

  1. I just love doves, and their cooing. She seems pretty tame to let you get that close to her.

    Hi Karen. Actually, I would have like to have been closer. I zoomed in as far as I could with my camera.

  2. Now what has happened to nesting in trees? Guess even the birds are wanting finer homes. LOL

    It’s probably a pretty smart move considering the windy conditions we’ve had the past couple of days and now the rain. Think we should charge rent? 😆

  3. I like doves, too. They’re the only birds we “allow” in our cherry orchard, because they don’t eat the cherries. 😀
    Could this little friend of yours be a homeschooling opp?
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. We like doves at our house too. We don’t have any nesting nearby, but we DID have a couple of sparrows build a nest in our dryer vent. The poor things–we had to evict them when the dryer wouldn’t dry the clothes properly.

  5. Good morning, Carol–

    Cool, very cool. The dove eggs must be very tiny. Hope all goes well with the hatching.

    We have quite a few doves in Lake Havasu. They’re beautiful. I love their sweet cooing sounds.

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