Two Years Already?

It’s hard to believe, but May 10th marked my two year anniversary in the blogging world.  What a fun adventure it has been!  I have not only enjoyed writing posts, but it has been great meeting so many wonderful people in the blogging world.  I have been challenged, encouraged and inspired by so many things I have read on other people’s blogs, and I hope there are those that feel the same way about my blog.  I enjoy writing, but I want it(and I ask God to use it)to be a ministry too.  Thanks to all of you that encourage me with your posts and to those who have stopped by and offered comments or suggestions here.  I’m glad our cyber paths have crossed.  🙂


14 thoughts on “Two Years Already?

  1. My two year blogiversary was on May 7. We started blogging around the same time. I had seen an article in TOS and decided to join homeschoolblogger ~

    Hi Julie. Happy Blogiversary to you too! It looks like you enjoy blogging as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Long time and me out by 2 days yes have liked reading your blog me old friend .Here is reminder if you remember old days….Even though I don’t blog too much myself,truly it can be said that blogging is what makes my world go round.I love reading in a way,is taking a whole dimension. but for many the Internet has become a serious problem.They are the net addicts (day in day out ,we are stuck to our PC’s) he!he!he!. that was on the 10th.( do remember what your comment was He!He!He!(teaser for you)
    Wishing you All The Best 🙂

    Hi Zing. Thanks for stopping by. I am going to have to come back and see what my comment was, because I can’t remember right now.

  3. A hearty congratulations, my dear Sis! You are my inspiration! If it wasn’t for you starting your blog, I may not have started mine! The elder shall serve the younger!

    Love ya!

    Love you too, Keek. The two sissies shall serve each other in love. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your two year anniversary! I’ve been blogging for 2 1/2…MONTHS. It will be fun to make note of my one year anniversary when it arrives… and then the two year…and then the three year…

    I have enjoyed spending time visiting your blog during these two months and I’ve appreciated the kind words you leave at mine.
    Thank you Kweenmama. One of the things I appreciate about your blog is the love of your family that is communicated through your posts. Family relationships are so important, and you’ve shared some good advice too to help families.

  5. Congrats on your 2 years! I definitely enjoy reading your blog. But more than that, I enjoy your friendship that I have aquired through blogging even more. Your are truly an inspiration to me. God bless!

    Thanks, Jolene. I have enjoyed your friendship too. There have been many times I have come to your blog and read things that really ministered to me. I appreciate your sensitivity to the Lord.

  6. Carol, I’m glad you’re here…in the “blogosphere!” Congrats on 2 yrs.! You’ve been a true encouragement to me, and I thank the Lord for the blessings of blogger friends like you.

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