Happy Birthday Johnny!

We have yet another birthday in our family this month. (Yesterday was my brother-in-law Mike’s birthday too.)  Today is the birthday of my youngest brother John.  Really, he’s not psycho or anything.  This is just a goofy picture I took on my cell phone a couple of years ago.  John, can you believe this is your last year to be in your 30’s?  From now on, you will be 39 and holding.  John, I know I sometimes gave you a hard time as a kid(of course, dropping you on your head was mild in comparison to all the teasing I got from you), but I am really proud of the fine man you are today.  God has blessed you with a wonderful wife and 3 beautiful children, and it’s thrilling to see you and Kristin bring them up in the ways of the Lord.  I hope you have a wonderful birthday that will produce at least a couple of Kodak moments you can share with your family.  I love you, brother!  🙂



4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Johnny!

  1. I think my siblings would kill me if I ever posted some of the goofy pictures I have of them! Happy birthday to your brother. Hope he enjoys his final year in his 30’s.

    You know, I will probably reap what I have sown and have my brother share a silly picture of me sometime with the whole world. 🙂

  2. Good post on my Tzeetz. I’m obviously behind in blogging. I did read this post and several before. Good post on my Annie. Good poems, pics, & such. Good, good blog. Love, Stome.

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