Wedding Of A King

This Saturday, we were privileged to be able to attend the wedding of Karissa Horton and Adam King.  Our family was first introduced to Karissa about 3 years ago through Bible quizzing.  We actually only met Adam a couple of months ago at a conference.  They are both fine, dedicated young people that live for God and love Him with all their hearts.  I have been to many weddings over the years, but this is one of the nicest ones I’ve ever attended.  There were a couple of things that really stood out to me.  The first one was the humility and grateful spirit of this couple.  Before Karissa went up on the platform to be with the groom, she stopped and read something that she had written for her parents which so beautifully expressed her love and gratitude to them for the sacrifices they made to give her a godly upbringing.  It was very moving, and my husband and I (I’m sure along with many others.) were wiping away the tears.  They also wrote their own vows to each other, which were also very touching.  The second thing that stood out to me was the prayer that they had for this couple.  Brother Nathaniel Wilson, the senior pastor had the parents, family members and other ministers come up on the platform for the prayer.  I don’t ever remember feeling the power of God like that before in a wedding.  Bishop Wilson extended an invitation to the congregation to lift their hands in worship to God, because the presence of the Lord was so evident there.  I told my husband at the conclusion of the ceremony that I felt like I had “had church.”  The weather was just right for the outdoor reception which was held at Natomas Park in Sacramento.  Below are some shots from the reception.  My pictures at the church did not turn out very good, but I’ll include a few of them as well.  I look forward to hearing great things about this sweet couple and their work for the kingdom of God.


[rockyou id=111899917&w=500&h=376]




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