We’ve Got A Visitor

The past few days, I’ve been hearing this bird with a rather loud chirp in our backyard.  I had a feeling this bird was looking for somewhere to build a nest, and sure enough this morning, I found the nest right below our little balcony.  I couldn’t resist this Kodak moment(or should I say Canon Power Shot A560 moment).



Edit – 5/4/08 – My husband had to clean the pool and that contraption you see by the bird’s nest is the pool vacuum.  When he went to get it, the bird freaked out and flew away.  He really didn’t mean to frighten the poor thing.  The bird was hanging around on the neighbor’s roof waiting for my husband to go inside.  Apparently, when my husband went in, the bird did try to go back to the nest, but I don’t think the nest was sturdy enough without that pool vacuum against it.  We found the nest on the cement along with a cracked egg.  😦    We feel bad, but there’s nothing we can do at this point.


6 thoughts on “We’ve Got A Visitor

  1. Spring is my favorite season in California. I enjoy so much watching the mama birds feeding their babies. Looks like a dove.
    They are pretty easy so make friends with. She’ll get to know you and even watch for you.
    Heureuse pour vous!

  2. Karen, it will be interesting to watch the unfolding drama. I hope I can get some good pictures.

    Morning Joy, thanks for your comment and visit to my site. Please come again.

    Ranjay, I checked out your blog, and you do take some great photos. Thanks for stopping by.

    Catherine, I love spring too with all the beautiful flowers and interesting birds. I was wondering if that bird might be a dove too. J’aime l’oiseau.

  3. Awww, cute bird! We have birds building a nest at our house too, underneath our outdoor dryer vent. I didn’t think of taking my camera out and taking their pictures though. Perhaps I will do so.

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