Science Fair 2008

On Friday, April 25th, our homeschool support group held its’ 2nd annual science fair.  This year, my children participated along with about 33 other kids.  Each child had prepared a display board which told about their experiment, hypothesis, data, procedure and their conclusion.  First, second and third place awards were given for the various grade categories and each child received a special medal for their participation.  The special speaker this year was my husband whom I volunteered(okay, I asked him first if he wanted to do it before volunteering him)for the job.  In addition to being a pastor, he has his own business doing industrial hygiene consulting.  Most of what he does deals with infection control in hospitals.  He spoke for about 15 minutes on how science can be fun and shared some personal examples of how some of his work made a difference in people’s lives. (actually saving lives through some of his investigating).  It was a good time, and now that it’s all over, we’ll be working on converting our science lab back into a garage.  Here are just a few pictures from the science fair.


[rockyou id=111283032&w=579&h=433]


7 thoughts on “Science Fair 2008

  1. Always loved when my kids participated in science fairs. Found it was a learning process not only for them but for me. You took me back to fun times with my kids. Imagine it was fun for you too.

  2. The science fair projects looked great! It brought back alot of memories of when my kids did their science fair projects. My 17 year old won a prize when she was in 6th grade for her project on whether or not the sense of smell is needed to taste. My son performs experiments with plants without needing the motivation of a science fair. I think I need to foster his love of plants.

  3. How Fun!!! Showed this to Caleb. Of course he loved it being the Scientist that he is. He was really interested in the Rocket Science and Plant Sweat. Now he wants to do research on, you got it, plant sweat. So now you know what I will be doing for the next few days while I am sweating. 😀

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