Where Santa’s Helpers and The Seven Dwarves Fill Up

My son couldn’t resist taking this picture on our New York trip. Elves need gas too, you know!


6 thoughts on “Where Santa’s Helpers and The Seven Dwarves Fill Up

  1. Funny play on words.

    Talking about gas prices, Canada is much worse off than the US. One liter of regular gas is $1.21 in my city. So technically, a gallon is almost $4.50 for us.

    Have a great week!

    $4.50! C’est trop cher! I guess 3 something isn’t bad by comparison. Sure hoping our gas prices don’t go over $4. Thanks for visiting my blog, Cendrine.

  2. Funny! Europe is much worse than the US or Canada. Germany is around $6.50 per gallon. I’ll be taking the train when I visit next time. Though these comparisons don’t help our purse or money clip, but helps us gain perspective. Glad to hear you guys had a nice trip.

    FYI, just posted some brother Bob bday pics from this weekend.

    Happy sunny day!

  3. Yes, gas prices in France are around €1.30 ($2) from what my grandmother told me the other day. May be even higher now.

    In Europe, you can definitely live without a car if you reside in a city. But here, in North America, it is very difficult. When I arrived in Canada, I had to put up with the city’s transportation system, one of the worst and most expensive in the country. It was hard, especially when you have to go back from work at 9 pm in winter (with temperatures around -35 celsius).

    I don’t know what could be done though! Things are crazy nowadays…

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