A Tribute To Godly Elders

I read a post yesterday at Jolene’s blog that really got me thinking about how blessed I am to have had(and still have) so many wonderful, godly elders in my life.  Euther and Eunice Chesser, Arletta Hilderbrand, Ruth Rumsey, Paul Price, Lee J. Muncy and Gerald and Shirley Buxton are just a few names that come to my mind when I reflect on older saints and ministers that have influenced me through their preaching, testifying, words of encouragment and every day lifestyle.  I went to a Christian college after highschool, and I remember hearing several elder saints of the church testify about how they had lived for God for over 40 or 50 years and how He had always been so faithful to them.  I used to wonder if I would live long enough to have that kind of testimony.  That is really my desire if God sees fit to grant me that many years.  The poem below is just a little tribute I want to give to these special people.  Some of the ones I know have gone on to be with the Lord, but I do look forward one day to a happy reunion with all of my elders in Heaven. 

Path Of The Elders

 I still hear their voices, ringing so true

My mind sees their hands uplifted in praise

Precious, the memories of elders I knew

Influencing me in my younger days

Their hoary heads I can still clearly view

Slower in step, but their eyes still ablaze

So privileged to have their path cross with mine.

Their lives spoke to me of God’s love so divine. 

Worshipping the Lord and loving the Word

Serving God in valley or mountain peak

Many dead now, but their voice is still heard

Beyond the grave I can still hear them speak

Oh, may their memory never be blurred

To walk as they walked is the thing I seek

They left a heritage godly and great

A lifestyle I want to emulate. 

One day when we cross to Heaven’s fair shore

And meet again in that blessed, sweet land

Those elders, they will be tired no more

We’ll sing strong and clear with the glory band

Praising the One they taught me to adore

As in His glorious presence we stand

Taking part in eternity’s pages

Forever blessed with the Rock of Ages.

   Written 3/10/08


8 thoughts on “A Tribute To Godly Elders

  1. Oh, my, I am so touched at your words. I feel humbled, and realize of course I am unworthy of such admiration and accolades.
    Truly I am unworthy. But I do appreciate it, and cherish your sweet thoughts.

    In return, let me say, how comfortable it makes me feel as I grow older to have such fine people as you and your husband taking prominent places in the church.

    I truly love you, and thank you.

    Shirley Buxton

  2. This poem is beautiful and goes perfect with my post. It speaks my heart. Thanks for writing it. I am going to copy this and print it out. 🙂

    We are blessed because of the faithful elders in our lives aren’t we? They have taught us so so much about God, living for God and His faithfulness. Like those before us, we must do the same for those who follow us.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful poem. It touched my heart and I agree with it all!
    Our spiritual elders pave the way for us and I so appreciate their sacrifice and dedication to the Kingdom of God.

  4. I have many elders whom I am thankful for also. What a blessing they have been to me throughout the years…pillars of faith. I know on Whom they relied, and they have been such an encouragement to me on this spiritual journey.

    Carol, what a beautiful poem…what a wonderful tribute!


    Thank you, Janet. Aren’t elders just wonderful!

  5. Gloriousl poem and tribute, My Sis! Where would we be without those faithful saints in our lives to guide us and direct us in the paths of truth and righteousness. What a godly influence they have had on our lives. We are so blessed and privileged that God allowed their paths to cross ours.

    Amen, sis! We are blessed indeed.

  6. Our elders are the ones that encourage me. Thank God for these faithful, precious seniors. Your poem is beautiful.

    Thank you, Jana. I don’t know where I’d be without our elders.

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