Martha Moments

laughter.jpg She is bubbly, wonderful with people and has the type of personality that I secretly have always longed to have. I hadn’t seen her in quite some time, so when I turned around in my pew and saw her sitting a couple of rows behind me, I had to get up and give her a hug.  As I gave her a hug and squatted down to talk to her, my knees cracked very loudly. ( a sign of my age, I guess) We both started laughing as quietly as possible since we were in the sanctuary where a Bible quizzing tournament was in progress.  We talked briefly, and then we talked later outside of the church.  I found myself opening up to her about some things I hadn’t really talked with anyone about, and it felt good to be able to confide in someone.  Later, after the tournament was over, we went out for pizza with her husband, 3 boys and some other friends from our church.  Ever since I met Martha approximately 4 years ago, I have always enjoyed being around her and her family.  They are very down to earth people and just naturally downright funny.  Somehow, they always have these true and hilarious stories to tell.  I know that God knows just exactly what we need.  He can help us with our stress when we come to Him in prayer, which He has done for me many times.  Sometimes though, maybe we just need to get together with a friend and laugh.  That is certainly what I needed on Saturday, and I thank God for the good medicine He gave me that day!

2 thoughts on “Martha Moments

  1. Wow….what a wonderful story. You must be one very magnificent absolutely charming person. I am convinced we bring into our lives those who define how we see ourselves. Truly, whether you know it or not, you are sensational.

    (stop shaking your head no!…..It’s true!)

    Author of IM with God

    Hello AngllhugnU2 and welcome to my blog. Someone once told me that compliments are like the hanging glass pieces on a chandelier. They are beautiful to behold, but if you swallow them, they could kill you. If I am anything at all, I know it is only because I have been filled with God’s Holy Spirit, just as people were filled with it in the book of Acts. I have nothing to glory in except the love, mercy and saving grace of my God. Anyhow, I do thank you for stopping by and for the kindness that you have expressed.

  2. “I have nothing to glory in except the love, mercy and saving grace of my God.”

    My dear Martha! You will eventually come to understand, as most of us already can see by what you offer, you ARE the love, mercy and saving grace of God to those you touch. Each and every instance of your acceptance, in such a reality, blooms another peddle of that amazing flower called YOU.

    If it never be said from this day forward to you….You are loved….for all you offer in all of what God expresses through you.

    Author of IM with God

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