Bean Boozled


Tonight we were priviliged to be able to spend some time with my brother Bob who is visiting from Chicago.  After recently visiting the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, Ca., he bought each of the kids a box of what are called Bean Boozled Jelly Beans.  There are several different flavors of jelly beans in each box and for each regular flavor, there is also a weird flavored jelly bean that looks exactly like a normal jelly bean.  For instance, there are licorice flavored jelly beans that are black, but there are also skunk spray flavored jelly beans that looks exactly like the licorice ones.  You can’t tell them apart just by looking at them.  The only way you can tell is to put the jelly bean in your mouth and start chewing it.  We decided to make a little game out of it and take turns trying different jelly beans.  Fortunately for me,  I think I only ended up with two yucky flavored jelly beans.  Here are some of the flavors along with their evil twin counterparts.

white jelly bean = either coconut or baby wipe flavor(I actually got a baby wipe one, and it wasn’t too bad.  It just tasted powdery.)

tan colored jelly bean = either cafe latte or ear wax

green spotted jelly bean = juicy pear or booger flavor

yellow jelly bean = buttered popcorn or rotten egg (I got the rotten egg.  I took one bite of it and spit it out.  It was disgusting and left a raunchy taste in my mouth.)

orange with speckles jelly bean = peach or vomit flavor (None of us wanted to even try this one.)

As we were partaking of the different jelly beans, I began to think of how the devil offers us counterfeit things.  He so cleverly tries to disguise sin and make it look like something which is pleasing to partake of, but if we do partake, it will leave us with an awful taste in our mouths or worse.  The devil is an awful liar, and the things he promises, he never delivers.  God on the other hand, always delivers what He promises.  The Bible tells us in Psalm 34:8,

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

For so many years I went after things of the world that looked so appealing, only to come away feeling empty, unsatisfied and downright soul sick.  It’s been 28 years since I first tasted of the Lord and received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost, and I can truly say that He satisfies my soul!  Thank you God, for using a box of jelly beans to give me a great appreciation for the truth that sets men free!  🙂


10 thoughts on “Bean Boozled

  1. Beautiful analogy Sis. Many a flower we think we long for hides a hidden thorn of pain. That’s how sin is. God give us spiritual eyes to tell the difference between the real McCoy and the counterfeit.

    On a lighter note, wish I could’ve been with you guys. I still remember the dirt flavored jelly bean that I spit out at your house about 2 years ago!

  2. Sis. Connell,

    I was wondering if your husband had a blog as well…If he does could you please pass that on to me. If not no worries. Just tell him it’s time to start blogging!. Say hello to everyone.

  3. I’ll pass tasting jelly beans! But thank God I tasted of Him one day – He is always fresh and new every day – can’t get enough still!
    Last night on my job, this was the conversation exactly – counterfeits the devil comes up with. We went to the Old Testament, Moses and the magicians all the way to the night of the Passover. That lead to the day of Pentecost! From there God open a door to explain full salvation – Praise Him!!!

  4. Good Post, Carol. I think I would have a hard time trying some of those “flavors”. However, the spiritual application was very good.
    Missed you at ladies conference.

    From the reports I have heard of Ladies’ Conference, I really missed out. I’m glad you were able to go though and be blessed.

  5. I’m loving your blog! and planning to borrow some of your inspired ideas for the curriculum I write for my churches 3rd-5th grade students. I found you by searching google for objrct lessons on deliverance. I haven’t found yours yet, ya know the reason you popped up on my search, but I’ve found other ideas I hope to use in other lessons…off to do some more digging through your blog. visit mine sometime at, and maybe, you’ll find something to borrow from me:)….help yourself!

    Hi Cori. Yes, feel free to use any object lessons I have posted. I will stop by and visit your blog a little later too.

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