Pictorial Poem

The                  so                     when                                                                           while


            way                 don’t               God                                                              in a


                        up                    wear                sends                                           up


                                    is                      a                      the                               go


                                                down               frown              trial        you’ll


written 1-19-07


7 thoughts on “Pictorial Poem

  1. Very neat, Carol. There was a woman in my poetry class at Wake Forest who wrote poems that looked like the grass and shrubs and trees. They made perfect sense as they went up and down. I think there has to be a part of a person that likes puzzles to do this. I couldn’t, because it would make me feel silly. But I like it when others do.

    Well, I do like certain kinds of puzzles like wordfinds and crosswords, but I haven’t got the patience for sudoku.

  2. I had my ups and downs about this one. HAW! I liked it. Mom says she liked it too.

    About sudoku, I’ve developed a little patience for it. It really does take a bit of time though. Especially the hard ones.

  3. i like it and it will be usefu for me in my exam of stylistic analysis…thank u i enjoyed it

    Glad you liked it. 🙂

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