In God’s Time

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These are my sister Annie’s 2 kids.  Abby was born in August of 2005, and Brady was just born on January 16, 2008.  My heart is filled with joy that God has allowed my sister to have these beautiful children.  Some might say Annie is a “late bloomer” having her first child at 37 and Brady at 39.  I say(and I know that she feels)that she is a blessed woman.  She has always wanted children, but due to circumstances in her life, it looked like she would not have the opportunity.  Sometimes we may have a dream in our hearts that doesn’t come to pass just exactly when we would like it to happen or how we would expect it to happen.  We may even think the dream is dead, but I believe if God is in it, He can certainly bring it to fruition.  Whoever you are, hold on to your dreams.

Pro 13:12(AMP) Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life.

 Thank you Jesus, for blessing Chris and Annie with their 2 beautiful children!  


10 thoughts on “In God’s Time

  1. I’m so happy for your sister. I went through problems with infertitlity and all the treatments, drugs, etc. We were married nearly seven years before our first child and I was 41 when I had Bryn. My children are such a blessing. God is good – – -all the time.

  2. Beautiful post Sissy! I’m happy for Annie too. It’s so much fun being an auntie again. I think about Brady everyday and can’t wait til the next time I can see him and hold him…even though he did pee on me!

    Brady just wanted you to know that you are his favorite aunt, that’s why he wet on you.

  3. How true that sometimes we may have to wait on a dream for a while, and that we may even think that the “dream is dead.” But like you stated, “if God is in it, He can certainly bring it to fruition.”

    Thank you for this reminder to “hold on to our dreams,” and Praise The Lord for the 2 beautiful blessings He has given to your sister and her husband!

  4. Sis. Connell,
    A belated congradulations to your sister and her husband!
    Children bring such joy.
    Jaimee Prado

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