Thursday Night Mad Gab

Mad Gab is a game created by Mattel in which there are at least two teams and 2 to 12 players. Each team has two minutes to sound out three puzzles. The puzzles, also known as mondegreens, contain small words that, when put together, make a word or phrase. For example, “These If Hill Wore” when pronounced quickly sounds like “The Civil War.” There are 2 difficulties: easy and hard. The faster the puzzles are answered, the more points the players score.

On Thursday night in Youth ALIVE, we played our own version of Mad Gab to review some things we have learned in our past few Bible studies.  See if you can figure these out.  The kids only had trouble with a couple of them.  These are all related to events in Genesis chapters 1-4.

img_1036.jpg      img_1037.jpg    img_1038.jpg    img_1039.jpg   img_1040.jpg   img_1041.jpg   img_1042.jpg   img_1043.jpg   img_1044.jpg  img_1045.jpg  img_1046.jpg    img_1047.jpg


14 thoughts on “Thursday Night Mad Gab

  1. my youth love this game, but I never thought of making our own personalized version. I don’t think I’d be very good at it. would you mind if I ‘borrowed’ them? 😀

    Borrow away, Holly. I don’t mind.

  2. Carol, May you all have fun. I abhor games like this. Too much work for no results. If I’m going to work that hard with word games, I want to get a poem out of it.

    Man, Helen. Where is your sense of adventure? (just kidding) Everyone has their own tastes. There are certain games I can’t stand either, like Risk. It’s way too much strategy for me.

  3. Now THAT is cool!!! Thanks for sharing!

    We love to play games… especially word games… but we have a small problem: Rob always wins every single game. He has an amazing mind, and therefore nobody wants to play with him because he ALWAYS wins.


    I’ll have to try those on him though. hehe

  4. Never heard of it before, but that’s a game I would love to play.
    My grandson loves boggle – he is very good at it – he would like this too. Thanks for sharing!

    Hi Catherine. I really like Boggle too, but my family here has gotten sick of it, because we used to play it so much.

  5. Now I like this! Gotta try it! Thanks for sharing. I know Caleb will like it. He LOVES games. I know he could get some of these.

    Hi Jolene. Most kids I’ve been around seem to like this game. I hope Caleb will like it too.

  6. I’ve enjoyed playing Mad Gab but have not done so in awhile. I was able to figure out some of yours! (Adam and Eve, Coat of Skins). Did you ever play bible Mad Gab? That is harder than regular Mad Gab. i think Tommy is the champ of Mad Gab. He always got them pretty fast when he played with us.

    Hi Keek. No, I don’t have the Bible version of Mad Gab, but I would love to get it sometime.

  7. Hello! I was recently looking for fun game ideas and came across this, my group had a lot of fun with yours but the only one were stumped on is the “Fur Root Tough Tag Round” one. do you mind telling us the answer before we go carzy? lol Thank you!!

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