Welcome Christopher Brady Mann!

My sister Annie went into labor around 5 p.m. on January 16th.  She had her baby at 9:17 p.m.  Christopher Brady Mann entered this world weighing a whopping 10 lbs. and was 20 1/2 inches long!  We are so happy that God has blessed Ann, Chris and Abby with this beautiful new addition, and I am incredibly happy that it wasn’t me that had a 10 lb. baby.  Ouch!!

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20 thoughts on “Welcome Christopher Brady Mann!

  1. Congrats to all! I too am glad not have had a 10 pounder. Wow–what a short labor. Glad all went well and Brady made his entrance safely.

    God’s blessings to all!

  2. Sis. Connell,

    Congrats on your beautiful newphew! He looks like his big sister! Please be sure to tell Annie congratulations for me. How exciting!

    I guess I am next (2/1 is my c-section) and then Lacy. Funny thing is all three of us are having boys!

    Hi Monica. I saw Lacy at the hospital last night. She’s only got 4 weeks left, but she’s hoping to have the baby early like she did with Taylor. I’ll be praying for you, Sam, Ethan and the baby.

  3. Mom says: I enjoyed your blog entry and photos on Brady. I told Bob I would send him some pictures of family receiving the new baby. You probably have gotten the best pictures of Brady. What a blessing. I saw a lady in the hall who was pushing her baby in the incubator crib. I asked her how much the baby weighed, and she said 9 lbs “something.” I thought that was big but Brady topped that off as far as mothers and grandmothers were concerned. What a boy! Love Mom.

    Tom says: I was the first (and oldest) of the uncles to hold Brady. He cooed. Good pics. Good to see you at North Bay.

  4. Hi! Thanks for peeking in on us at GraceFULLdays! I just got an email from Bob earlier this evening. Congratulations! That’s quite a little man you’ve got there! Can’t even imagine 10 lbs. Gracie said she liked that cutie baby. :o) Please pass on my congrats to the rest of the family. :o)

  5. I think I was the first auntie to hold Brady, but who’s counting? What an awesome experience to see a baby enter into the world. It moves one to tears and thankfulness to God for His blessing of a new life. Glad we got to be there.


  6. Congrats on the precious new life. 10 pounds!! My LAST one weighed in at 9lb 14 oz, and he’s the biggest of the three to this day! 🙂 He felt “grown” when I first held him 😀 I tell him he’s still MY BABY and he’s 6 ft 41/2 in and weighs ??? and is 36 years old! Our children will always be “our babies”… speaking as a mother!

  7. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this birth with us. My favorite picture is his beautiful head and that gorgeous hair. I’m trying to place this sister of yours…not sure if I have met her or not.

    I didn’t know Lacy was having a baby. Exciting news all around.

    Love everybody there. 🙂

    Annie is my younger sister. She does go to Bro. Alvarez’s church, so you have probably seen her before. There’s definitely a baby boom in that church right now. I know there are 2 or 3 others in addition to Lacy. Yes, new babies are exciting!

  8. Oh my goodness, this is just wonderful!! He is such a doll. Like Sis. Buxton, I loved the pic with all the hair. His face is so “little man.” Sometimes you don’t know if it is a boy or girl unless you see pink or blue, but this little one’s face really looked like a boy. As for the weight?!?!? That brought back memories for me!!! Bryce was over 9 pounds and we had a very traumatic delivery. He was stuck in a posterior position in my tailbone. My coccyx was crushed, I had over 300 stitches, and wasn’t released for work for six months due to so much damage. So, just the thought of a 10 pound baby sends bad chills over me. Bless your sister’s heart. Glad her and the baby are doing well.

    Oh wow! I can’t imagine over 300 stitches. I had some stitches with Jennifer but not nearly that many. Giving birth can definitely be traumatic, but the joy of bringing a child into the world somehow dims the trauma. I can still remember clearly bursting into tears when my daughter was born and screaming, “Honey, it’s a girl!”

  9. Fantastic. It’s wonderful when children are born – it’s makes the world a better place and is a great reminder that God is one of miracles.

    Congratulations to your sister and to the family. What a joy for the new year.

  10. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Love that head of hair! So precious!!!

    Thanks, Jolene. Yes, my little nephew is precious. I’m looking forward to seeing him again.(soon I hope!)

  11. Yep, he’s still cute! I’m at a loss tonight. Gracie is sleeping over at her little friends house. Her first night away from home. Not sure what to do with myself. :o) Hope you’re warmer than we are here in Chi-town. Burrrrrr!

    Aw! I remember when Jen first spent the night at a friend’s house. I believe she was 5, and it just felt weird not to have her home. I’m sure Gracie will do fine and will probably want to have lots of sleepovers after this one. 🙂

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