Who Will Get The Most Presents?

Who do you think it will be?


Plunderin’ Pete


Coarse Carol


Jabbin’ Juggular Jen


Paul Pouncer


last but not least, The Scurvy Dog

My husband was presented with this pirate’s mask as a gift at our church Christmas banquet.  Our speaker and entertainer, Rev. Kenneth Baglin urged him to use it to take up offerings.  We decided to have a little family fun with it instead. 


9 thoughts on “Who Will Get The Most Presents?

  1. One vote for the dog.

    Merry Christmas, Carol.

    She’ll certainly have the most fun opening presents. Misty loves to rip open gifts. Even now, she is casing out the tree.

  2. Hey Carol!

    I LOVE it! I have to say, I vote for the Scurvy dog too–can’t help it!

    Hey, and I love the snowy effect on your blog!


    Love N Him,

  3. I think the “dawg” will get the most votes, but I’m going to say JEN will get the most presents. Let me know if I’m right. By the way, Misty’s gift will be in the mail. It wasn’t that we forgot “the gal,” but we just didn’t have a chance to get her something before Christmas. We had to put “human interests” before canine ones (important as the dog is).

    Well, ya know, we didn’t actually count, but I think Jen did get the most presents. However, Misty definitely had the most savage fun opening her gifts. How nice of you to get her a gift. I’m sure she’ll look forward to her 2nd Christmas! 😆

  4. Well, this is after the fact, so I can’t guess. But I did like Misty’s pirate pose the best. The teeth really made it look authentic. Actually, at our house, Abby got the most gifts I think, but who’s counting?

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