Banquet Pictures

 Pictures from our church Christmas banquet, which took place on the 15th of December, are now up on our church website.  To see them, click here.  Hope you enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Banquet Pictures

  1. what a beautiful setting; your wreaths are gorgeous! y’all have a very nice fellowship hall. I love the round tables, makes it a bit more cozy. our fellowship hall is like a cave, with long tables, bad accoustics; but we still have good times. what I really love about those pictures is the eclectic mix of people, I firmly believe the worshipping of our God knows no color boundaries.

    Hi Holly. I wish that was our fellowship hall. It’s a banquet center in a nearby city. I too believe that the worshipping of God should have no color boundaries. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Just wonderful!!! Isn’t Christmas so much fun? I love this season and the sharing that comes with it. Maybe someday that banquet hall will be yours. 🙂

    If Jesus wants to give us that banquet hall, I’ll take it!

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