and the trees

now look barren.

Branches are cut back,

giving a look of death.

Even so, we in this life

may be slashed by tests and trials.

Our spirits seem wounded and lifeless.

Yet, no one season will last forever.

Sap is still flowing beneath the bark.

Spring will come; the buds will break forth.

And so we know that burdens

appearing to crush us

shall lift in God’s time.

This too shall pass;

in its place

God gives




11 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Carol, This poem is truly lovely.

    Thank you, Helen. It seems like I know and am hearing of a lot of people right now that are really facing some deep trials. I wrote this when I was thinking about them.

  2. Mom says: I like what you are saying. It’s a good poem to keep in mind. Thank you. I may even use it to encourage someone else. Love, Mom

    Tom says: Carol, this poem, is to me, kind of, genius-like. It not only had meaning but the way you arranged it resembled to me half a Christmas tree. What kind of poetry is that called? Cool. I’m so sorry, though, about your leaf-less tree. It’ll probably come back in Spring, right?

    Tom, this type of poem is called an etheree. Actually, it’s a double etheree. An etheree has 10 lines, the first line begining with one syllable, the second line with 2 syllables and so on up to the 10th line. Yes, our tree will revive in the spring.

  3. Thanks for the encouraging poem. We all go through spiritual winters in our walks but knowing that spring is right around the corner it can help us to grow healthy in our spirits.

  4. Thanks Sis, for another encouraging poem. Have you considered getting your poems published?

    Love ya,

    Hi sis. I’ve thought about it but haven’t put any action into the thoughts. I don’t know if I’m good enough to be published. For right now, I’m just happy to share them with people in the blogworld.

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