My Pics From The Lock In


The theme of the lock in was “Cosmic Craze.”


Captain Cosmo (aka Jim Baptist) He really brought the theme to life!


Paul and our neighbor Alyssa are waiting in anticipation for the throwing of a football.


James Willoughby signing to a deaf friend.  The church that sponsored the lock-in, Revival Tabernacle of Fremont, Ca. really have a burden to reach out to deaf people.


Kristyna, Dominique and Elias are just chillin’.


Ari and Jamie Prado(evangelists) along with Sam Hassas(another minister) watching some basketball action.

As you can tell, I’m not very good with the digital camera yet, but I’m having fun trying.  😆


5 thoughts on “My Pics From The Lock In

  1. Oops! I realized that the “other minister” is not Ari’s brother but perhaps a look-alike? HAW! Jamie is Ari’s wife, right?

    Yes, sweet Jamie is Ari’s wife.

  2. James is used of God, and a sweet friend. Keep on going James! God Bless

    You must be talking about James W. I agree that he is a fine young man and a blessing in God’s kingdom.

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