If You Like Cheesecake


For those of you who like cheesecake, you might want to try this recipe from Kraft foods  sometime during the holidays.  It was a big hit with my family and a recipe my husband said to definitely keep.  Here is the link to the recipe.


11 thoughts on “If You Like Cheesecake

  1. Hi Carol, This looks yummy. And sensible. I made one that called for eight packages of cream cheese. Granted, it made a 9×13 pan full, but it’s still kind of expensive. I also have a recipe for cherry chocolate cheese cake bars from a Hershey’s cookbook. I post it on my blog in a few days. Thanks for this one.

    The cheesecake bars sound good. I’ll keep my eyes open for the recipe.

  2. Yummm…this sound delicious. The photo is enough to want me to bake it. 😀 I love cheesecake. Is it a heavy or light cheesecake? Some are real dense and heavy and others I’ve had were not so heavy. My MIL has a recipe that is oooh so good… and it’s actually very LITE on the calories, fat & less sugar.

    Well, it’s probably heavy on the calories, but as far as denseness, I would say it’s medium. It really is a good recipe. I may even make it again for Christmas.

  3. I will have to try it. It’s always hard to fix cheesecake as I enjoy small bits of it but the rest of the guys don’t as much. So it just sits unless I take it somewhere (after a piece is taken out of it for me) 🙂

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